NRPG Points of Light

Code of the Rats
How you became one of Roshia's Rats.

During the first game the party was tricked into going to Roshia’s “tower” and making a ruckus of themselves. Roshia ran the party through her gauntlet with the understanding that if the party survives she would become their sponsor. The party survived and were each given a small gold pin in the shape of a rat with ruby eyes. The pins are badges which, when worn, allow the townspeople to recognize the wearer as one of “Roshia’s Rats” and will act more favorably towards them (*the pins are not to be sold). The parties “base of operations” is now Roshia’s cottage which is outside the town of Fallcrest. Roshia (along with her “Lizard at Arms” Boaseth) will provide help, food, lodging, equipment and guidance (and a stepping point for further adventures) for 10% of the players acquired adventuring treasure.

NOTE: Your party is now established as one of the “good” guys of Fallcrest. It is assumed that the character of any player that didn’t participate in “The Code of the Rats” did run the gauntlet with the rest of the party and also has a rat pin.

The characters earned enough experience to raise them to second level.


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