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Most of the world is monster-haunted wilderness. The centers of civilization are few and far between, and the world isn’t carved up between nation-states that jealously enforce their borders. A few difficult and dangerous roads tenuously link neighboring cities together, but if you stray from them you quickly find yourself immersed in goblin-infested forests, haunted barrowfields, desolate hills and marshes, and monster-hunted badlands. Anything could be waiting down that old overgrown dwarf-built road: a den of ogre marauders, a forgotten tower where a lamia awaits careless travelers, a troll’s cave, a lonely human village under the sway of a demonic cult, or a black wood where shadows and ghosts thirst for the blood of the living.

Roads are often closed by bandits, marauders such as goblins or gnolls, or hungry monsters such as griffons or dragons.

Since towns and villages do not stay in close contact, it’s easy for all sorts of evils to befall a settlement without anyone noticing for a long time. A village might be terrorized by a pack of werewolves or enslaved by an evil wizard, and no one else would know until adventurers stumbled into the situation.

Many small settlements and strongholds are founded, flourish for a time, and then fall into darkness. The wild lands are filled with forgotten towers, abandoned towns, haunted castles, and ruined temples.

There is very little in the way of authority to deal with raiders and marauders, outbreaks of demon worship, rampaging monsters, deadly hauntings, or similar local problems. The local constabulary (usually a small garrison of the kings soldiers)handle mundane policing but are ill equipped to handle the horrible or fantastic denizens of the wild.This task is left up to powerful wizards who sponsor groups of adventures that become the local (and sometime not so local) monster hunters and fantastic problem solvers. They are hired out (or simply sent) to deal with problems that are too strange or difficult for the local constabulary or kings soldiers to handle. You belong to one such group called “Roshia’s Rats”

Your base of operations is the town of Fallcrest. Your sponsor is The Wizardess Roshia. You are a member of her rats.

NOTE: Every player must use “Character Builder” (available on the WotC website) to create a PC and to email the file to me (zackblack@gmail.com). When your character is updated (Goes up a level, acquires treasure etc) I also need the updated file emailed to me.

NRPG Points of Light